Introducing the Naturally Curious Comic Book Directory, 400+ reality-based and informational comics

Comics are great for entertainment, but they’re also a great medium with which to learn, if you’re a reader, and inform, if you’re a creator or educator. That’s what the Naturally Curious podcast and blog are all about.

It will take us awhile to build up a catalog of podcast episodes and blog posts dedicated to these types of comics. So, we’ve started a Comic Book Directory to help you find comics related to your interests or to help you grow beyond your current comfort zone.

Many of the comics approach their topic from a reality-based or non-fiction point of view. Others employ fiction and fantasy to explore important stories.

You can access the directory from the top navigation menu on our site, available from any page. Once you arrive at the page, you’ll see links to 27 topic pages. Click on the ones that interest you and you’ll find the list of books.

This is not yet a comprehensive list. We have many more comics to add. How many? We’re not sure yet! In the meantime, browse the list and then head to your local comic shop, library or favorite online vendor to read these books and expand your horizons.